Vos Says Gableman’s Investigation May Call For Additional Summons | Local government


Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Vos said he was reviewing Kaul’s restraining order request, but said Gableman could still request an interview with Wolfe before the December hearing.

“It is certainly possible, if not likely, that we will issue them before the December 23 hearing,” Vos said. “But in accordance with the judge’s ruling, we’ll make sure to do it in a way that also gives them the opportunity to move forward.”

Kaul, who represents the Wisconsin Election Commission and Wolfe, on Thursday issued a request for a temporary restraining order, saying Gableman’s subpoenas were too broad and “tainted with numerous legal flaws.” Kaul also said the talks should be held in public before a legislative committee, rather than in private, as Gableman had requested.

Gableman initially said his election review would be completed by the end of October, but Vos said last week that the review could be completed before the end of the year. In light of Kaul’s court challenge, Vos said the investigation may not end until next year. Vos has committed $ 676,000 in public funds for the investigation.

Republican Senate leaders on Monday announced plans to conduct their own inquiry into the 2020 elections, with a focus on the Legislative Audit Office’s non-partisan report on national and local administration of the presidential election in last november. The Audit Office’s report, released on Friday, made dozens of recommendations to the legislature and the electoral commission on how to improve election administration.

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