Western Cape ANC reacts to ‘alarmist’ DA local election campaign


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Cape Town – The Western Cape ANC has reacted angrily to the DA’s campaign that a vote for small parties would smuggle it back into power in Cape Town.

“The prosecutor is desperate. They realized that they did not expect the elections to go as they did, ”ANC provincial spokesman Sifiso Mtsweni said.

Mtsweni said the DA had grown too comfortable with being in power and woke up to the reality that other parties no longer wanted to work with him.

“They became the first white racist party led by Helen Zille and John Steenhuisen. They realize that people no longer trust the DA, ”he said.

In a video posted to social media, Cape Town mayoral candidate Geordin Hill-Lewis said the ANC was doing everything possible to regain power in the metro.

“Let’s not make it easy for them. A vote for a smaller party only brings the ANC back to power in Cape Town through the back door, ”Hill-Lewis said.

Hill-Lewis even took his campaign bus to some areas like Atlantis and Mamre, which were visited by President Cyril Ramaphosa last week.

He was also in Bo-Kaap, which was visited by ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte ahead of voter registration weekend.

On Monday, Hill-Lewis said his party was big enough to stop EFF leader Julius Malema from carrying out his land grab in Cape Town.

“We cannot play with fire by allowing small parties to open the door to an ANC / EFF coalition. Vote DA to secure the future of Cape Town, ”he said.

In his weekly bulletin, Steenhuisen said that the DA was the only party that could beat the ANC, and it was the last bulwark against the rise of the EFF.

“A strong DA prevents the EFF from becoming the opposition. A strong EFF makes the ANC more radical, racial and populist in its attempt to build support, ”he said.

Steenhuisen also said that a DA vote was the strongest against the ANC and EFF.

“That’s why, if you’re not going to vote for them, the ANC and EFF want you to vote something other than DA. If you want to beat the ANC and keep the EFF out of the official opposition, voting DA will give you maximum weight in your vote, ”he said.

He insisted that a vote for small parties or independents divides the DA vote, not the ANC or EFF vote.

“Therefore, the most sensible and powerful use of your vote is to consolidate the DA vote,” Steenhuisen said.

But, Mtsweni said they weren’t surprised by the DA’s antics, saying he had lost support in many municipalities he had controlled since the last municipal elections.

He also said the party showcased Africans and Métis, which he could not use in his campaign this time around.

“That’s why he opposes the ANC. If they govern, they oppose the ANC, ”he said.

Mtsweni said his party won a municipality in the last election due to internal issues.

“We’ve been through a tough time, but I think over the past five years we’ve had a stable ANC. Yes, there may be issues here and there, but there is stability at the provincial level and in the regions, ”he said.

Mtsweni noted that they won constituencies in by-elections and took control of eight DA-led coalitions.

“Time is up for the prosecutor. They might want to stay in the wealthy areas they served, but the DA won’t do as well as it did in the last election, ”he said.

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